Amusing Moves

Moving house can be a daunting, tiring and stressful time for even the most seasoned of movers. That said, the combination of the above and unfamiliar surroundings can produce some very amusing stories.

If you have a funny tale relating to a move, we would love to hear it and publish on our blog. To date, our favourite has to be this:

“After a protracted sale that took some 7 months to complete, a few of us helped a very excited friend move into their new house. The property was located in Jesmond, Newcastle and had formerly been student accommodation. This meant frantic cleaning was required and various tired items of furniture had to be disposed of, although a strange chair in the sitting room and a bed frame complete with quilted headboard and side lights in the master bedroom were kept, as they verged on being kitsch.

After the vans had been emptied and the kettle found, it was decided that enough had been achieved for one day and it was time for a celebratory drink. The celebratory drink lasted considerably longer than the move and people generally slept where they fell, except for the new owner who proudly made his way to the 70’s bed with headboard.

We woke in the morning to shouting and then a blood curdling scream.

The new owner, waking with a terrible hangover had berated himself loudly, then stretched and stuck his thumb into the bulb less, bed side light that was live. The electrocuted thumb did, if only momentarily, take his mind off all the unpacking that still needed to be done!”

Is there a lesson in this tale, apart from know your limits? …….. Check light bulbs are included in the fixtures inventory!