Think selling your home in Winter is a bad idea? Think again.

Despite uncertainty around Brexit following the vote and in the leadup to the triggering of Article 50, house prices have continued to grow according to the Office of National Statistics, up 8.4% across the UK. Demand continues to remain strong given a low number of properties on the market.

Even though it’s getting darker and colder and the festive season is approaching, it would be foolish to write off the autumn and winter months as times to sell your property. And we’ll tell you why…

Winter Brings The Hardiest Buyers and Sellers

The summer months can, sometimes, attract viewers interested in looking at your house but with no interest in actually buying it. When winter comes, only the hardiest buyers remain. Picture a dark, cold and wet weekend – if you didn’t have a genuine interest in viewing properties, would you arrange a viewing? It’s unlikely.

couple in winter with umbrella

Equally, there is a lot less competition from other sellers in the winter months – Christmas looms large from October onwards and the thought of selling a property in the run-up to the big event dissuades a lot of sellers, creating quite a swell of properties hitting the market in the new year.

The more remote you are, the colder it will appear – but you can get around this

If you live in the centre of a city, the weather isn’t a huge issue in the UK at any time of year, excluding freak occurrences. Viewing a house in December, whilst being cold, is a quick trip from the street to the car. You’re still largely shielded from the elements.

If you live in a remote area, the winter months can make it even more remote and just a little bit wilder. With the wind whipping up a storm and no shelter from the rain, that piece of tranquility on a sunny day can become a picture of isolation. Now, you can’t get around the location but, you can offer a warm environment to any viewers.

A roaring fire, hot drink and welcoming smile can show that despite the weather, the house itself is always a great place to be.

hot drink and gloves

Offer a warm welcome

We’ve seen the multiple statuses on Facebook stating that heating shouldn’t be turned on unless it’s a) Christmas Day or b) icicles are forming around the house. Whilst it’s sensible to dress up around the house before putting the heating on, a viewer doesn’t know if the house is naturally cold because of a poor heating system or if you just have a real issue with spending money on heating.

A heating system that isn’t working, or isn’t capable of heating a property, is something that will put off potential buyers on a cold day. The house can be immaculate, but a new heating system is a costly affair – for the avoidance of doubt, if you have viewings keep the heating on at a sensible temperature. You can turn it off once your potential buyers have left!  

Give the garden a bit of TLC

Kerb appeal is often touted as one of the most important aspects of selling a property, but this usually focuses on selling in the summer. Everything looks better in the summer and people’s moods are generally more jovial than in the darker months. A well-kept garden speaks volumes at all times though – if you look after your garden, it’s likely that you pay attention to the detail and maintenance of your property.

child standing in leaves

If you don’t rake the leaves and give the lawn its final cut in the Autumn, you run the risk of a garden spoiling your property’s look for the whole winter. Nobody likes spending too long outside on a blustery day to clear leaves that will appear again the next day, but a small amount of time spent on the details can deliver when it comes to selling your property.