How to Choose an Estate Agent

Choice is often seen as a good thing but if you have ever sat and flicked through the Netflix catalogue or any catch-up TV service, with endless pages of shows to choose from, you can attest to the fact that sometimes it can be overwhelming.

Go back just a few years and the number of estate agents in the marketplace was far smaller than it is now – coupled with that, there are now a new breed of ‘online’ or ‘hybrid’ agents, offering cheaper pay-up front models and utilising the internet to reduce overheads. With this choice comes a need to compare and contrast agents to help find the right one for your circumstances.

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Think selling your home in Winter is a bad idea? Think again.

Despite uncertainty around Brexit following the vote and in the leadup to the triggering of Article 50, house prices have continued to grow according to the Office of National Statistics, up 8.4% across the UK. Demand continues to remain strong given a low number of properties on the market.

Even though it’s getting darker and colder and the festive season is approaching, it would be foolish to write off the autumn and winter months as times to sell your property. And we’ll tell you why…

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New research shows UK homeowners are remaining positive, post-Brexit

New research from, the estate agency comparison website, reveals that, in true British spirit, UK homeowners are remaining positive post-Brexit despite uncertain economic times. Findings show that almost half of homeowners (45%) think their property value will stay the same or increase following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, with 20% unsure of any change in value and just over a third (34%) expecting to see a decrease.

Of those homeowners who had planned to sell property over the coming months, only 6% are considering putting their plans on hold and only 2% who already have property on the market are considering removing their listing following the referendum result.

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What Exactly Does ‘Estate Agent Lingo’ Mean in the Real World?

Hands up, who has ever heard jargon used by estate agents and quietly, so as to avoid embarrassment, thought ‘erm..come again?’

You’re not alone, and whilst agents use this lingo because it’s industry standard and does have genuine meaning, if you haven’t sold before it can be a little overwhelming. Don’t worry though, we’ve created a handy cheat sheet for you.

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