Estate Agent Fee Map 2015-16

As mentioned in The Sunday Times this morning, we’ve today launched our interactive map showing the average estate agent fees charged across Great Britain.

The new map allows homeowners anywhere in mainland Britain to quickly and easily check the cost of putting a house on the market. 

Hexham, a historic bustling village in the heart of the Tyne Valley, is the cheapest place to market a property in the country, with the luxurious borough of Kensington earning the title as the most expensive place to sell.

The new map also reveals the differences in price paid to move home across the UK, with London accounting for six of the top ten fee hotspots. Outside of London, however, Walsall, Preseli Pembrokeshire, Banff and Buchan and Anglesey take the remaining positions, each with higher estate agent fees than a number of the London boroughs. managing director, Alex Thorpe, explained: “No-one will be surprised to hear that London is the most expensive area to sell, but they may raise an eyebrow at two remote spots in Wales and Scotland hitting the top ten.

“The costs are easily explained though, and this is something that estate agents often struggle to get across – remote locations can mean a huge geographical area to cover, with increased overheads, and a genuine lack of buyers. All of this can equate to a larger workload for an agent, justifying a slightly higher fee.

“Equally, in London, selling property isn’t just about listing a property on Rightmove and sitting back; we’re talking about vast sums of money, requiring agents to stay closely involved at all points, and delivering the sort of high end service you expect to pay for.”

The interactive map covers the period April 2015 to April 2016, and draws an average of property fee quotes from that period, delivering an indicative average figure from sales of properties of all values.

To put the fee difference into perspective, a UK property priced at the current UK average asking price of £307,033 will cost £2,210 to sell in Hexham, Northumberland, whereas, in Kensington, that same property sale would command an agent fee of £5,004.

Thorpe continues: “Whilst even the lowest fee may seem expensive to some homeowners, when selling a property the work that goes on behind the scenes is a lot more extensive than agents often talk about, especially post offer. Agents are the ‘go-between’ in one of the most stressful processes we go through in life and they often become the main point of contact for a vendor, offering advice, support and hopefully peace of mind right up until completion. provides a chance for homeowners to find agents who they feel they can afford, one that best fits their needs and who they believe will look after them and sell their property most effectively.

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