Perceptions Of Estate Agents And The Growing Popularity Of Online Agents

New research conducted by reveals a huge disconnect between UK homeowners and estate agents when it comes to understanding what is involved in selling a property.  The findings show a need for more transparency around the sales process in a rapidly changing property market.

The new survey explores the perceptions of UK homeowners across a variety of property related topics; including the services consumers expect as part of an estate agent’s fee, preferences for online property portals and the public perception of estate agents.

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New research shows UK homeowners are remaining positive, post-Brexit

New research from, the estate agency comparison website, reveals that, in true British spirit, UK homeowners are remaining positive post-Brexit despite uncertain economic times. Findings show that almost half of homeowners (45%) think their property value will stay the same or increase following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, with 20% unsure of any change in value and just over a third (34%) expecting to see a decrease.

Of those homeowners who had planned to sell property over the coming months, only 6% are considering putting their plans on hold and only 2% who already have property on the market are considering removing their listing following the referendum result.

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Property values, culture and…Waitrose

Living next door to an opera house is certain to add value to your property, but so is living near a Waitrose.

New research has shown that living within a short distance of a Waitrose store can add close to £40k in value to your property*. Even an Aldi store can add just over £1k – a cynical person may suggest that Waitrose builds its stores in affluent areas and affluent areas have high house prices. But it’s a good headline nevertheless. 

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Launching our explainer video

Comparing Estate Agents is still quite a new idea but we like to think it’s quite a good one. We’re certain the 24,000+ homeowners who have used the service to find the right estate agent would agree.

Given it’s a relatively new idea, we thought it would be useful for new site visitors to get a quick overview of what we do and how it works and we’re delighted to launch our new explainer video to do just that.

Watch the short video below and if you’re thinking of selling or letting we think you’ll agree that free estate agent comparison will make a stressful process a little easier. It could even save you some money and it will definitely save you time. It’s the smart way to choose an agent.




5 Great Tips to Keep Track of Your Possessions When Moving Home

Relocating to a new home can be quite a complicated process with a number of steps that take careful planning. Just like any big project, dividing it into smaller pieces will make the moving process feel a little less overwhelming. Finding a buyer and a new property is tough, but once the dust settles the task of moving all of your belongings begins! 

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What Exactly Does ‘Estate Agent Lingo’ Mean in the Real World?

Hands up, who has ever heard jargon used by estate agents and quietly, so as to avoid embarrassment, thought ‘erm..come again?’

You’re not alone, and whilst agents use this lingo because it’s industry standard and does have genuine meaning, if you haven’t sold before it can be a little overwhelming. Don’t worry though, we’ve created a handy cheat sheet for you.

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